Monthly Archives: April 2017

Through small steps, big things happen.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how through small actions taken every day… over time… big things can happen. Dreams can come true, even if they feel so out of reach in the moment. I was reminded of this story yesterday and as simple as it is… I wanted to share. […]

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Infomercials, Bon Jovi and … the big opportunity!

A bucket list truth. I have always wanted to be the frustrated, overwhelmed, exasperated actor in an infomercial. (Just putting it out there universe! :D) You know, the person that sighs deeply with their hair all disheveled, but then a product (for just two payments of $19.99 plus S&H) will come to the rescue and […]

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Do something that scares you!

I love being inspired by my families. They welcome me into their family tribes and man… I mean, is there any greater honor? And over time, I feel like an associate member when I am with them. I love that. This is one of those families. <3 They make me feel right at home and are […]

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