All the feels…

Hi friends! Well I am feeling all gushy, mushy, this morning. Like a big lump of emotion. Ya see, my brother is going to be a first time Dad soon and I just got off the phone with him. Gah! Guys, my little brother (!!!) The little boy who I remember laying on his belly on our aztec looking rug, making all sorts of “Vroom Vroom” sounds and pretending the patterns were a series of intricate roads… is going to be holding his very own little boy so very soon.

It is funny, because although I can feel the nerves in him increase, his connecting thoughts of “Will I be able to do this Dad thing?”… and all among his cool “it will be what it will be” mind set – there is one thing I know – he is going to be an incredible Dad. He will wobble a bit, wonder a bit, laugh a bit, cry a bit, want to pull out his hair a bit and stand proud a bit – just like all of us parents, but man – to watch him walk into the parenthood door?!?! The burst of love that he will feel… that will continue to grow overtime…

… and my brother’s wife? My sister in law? this little boys mom? The best! One lucky little boy coming earth side… and I am so ready for his arrival!

I don’t have a lot of words this morning… just a lot of feels. And if you are a parent, well- you know. <3

ps- I love being an Aunt. Best job, all the loves, all the fun! #numberoneaunt

Just excited, my friends! Sooo…

This family… I have been so blessed to be able to capture the first days of both their sweet girls. You have to take a look (!!!) Big sister is so curious and full of love for this new little person who burst onto the scene. I can already see the future of them together… the giggles, the secrets, the adventures… sisters! Love these girls! Love this whole bunch. Please take a look… I am super proud of these, friends!




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