Do something that scares you!

I love being inspired by my families. They welcome me into their family tribes and man… I mean, is there any greater honor? And over time, I feel like an associate member when I am with them. I love that. This is one of those families. <3 They make me feel right at home and are the perfect balance of “let’s be real”, “let’s dream”, “let’s be serious” and “let’s laugh and play”. I love that. They inspire to be keep that balance in check…  AND then this year, if I didn’t already love them enough… the amazing woman and co-captain of this crew, decided to do 40 things that scare her as she approached a milestone birthday. I mean, how much do I love that?!?! INSPIRED! Watching her, it has pushed me to look and do more that scares me… and you know what? It makes you feel alive!! It reminds me that this season of life does NOT need to feel like I am caught in a hamster wheel, as it sometimes does… but to make room for the NEW! Big or small… that doesn’t really matter. She probably doesn’t even know how much she inspired me, but that is what naturally inspiring people are all about… they just do their thing and leave inspiring nuggets for us to pick up! Gotta be on the lookout, but man I find these nuggets everywhere my families roam. I love it.

So darn grateful!

And ps – that whole, do something that scares you challenge… you should try it too. I am just sayin’

Now check out their smiles… and love! <3 It was winnnnnndddddy the morning of this session, but we just hunkered down and had fun anyway! Take that (!) you crazy, unpredictable wind gusts! We win! 😀

XO Kate

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