Infomercials, Bon Jovi and … the big opportunity!

A bucket list truth. I have always wanted to be the frustrated, overwhelmed, exasperated actor in an infomercial. (Just putting it out there universe! :D) You know, the person that sighs deeply with their hair all disheveled, but then a product (for just two payments of $19.99 plus S&H) will come to the rescue and all my problems in life are solved?!? Yea, I want to do that. 😀 I tell you this for no other reason than… ya just don’t know what opportunities will arise, eight?! Gotta put it out there! HA! So, I have another bucket list item… and it is to be a backup singer. You might be thinking, “Wow, I didn’t know Kate had a singing voice?” My friends, that has nothing to do with it…and if you are wondering I have never been told I have a good voice, except by my mom – of course. 😀  But, it sits on my bucket list none the less. So, ideally I would sing back up for someone I grew up loving like Bon Jovi. BUT (!!!!) I was just told that Bon Jovi is having some voice issues, so I just can’t say where this opportunity is going – I mean I am not sure it will happen anytime soon! Due to Bon Jovi’s voice issues of course! HA!

BUT!!! Then, I was sitting at church one day and quietly listening when…WHAT IS THAT? Knock Knock Knock… door of opportunity?!?! They ask for choir volunteers! Bon Jovi to the back burner. Choir= a form of back up singing, right? I mean sorta… well, I decide it works! So, I inquire. There is no try out. WHEW! More of a “need warm bodies” approach… I AM IN!

Friends, remember when I talked about doing more things that scare you… well, check and mark! This may not be pretty, but I will be singing! <3  My first performance, this Sunday… Easter morning! WHAT? Tackle that bucket list… big or small friends. Get after it! Makes life fun!

… and yes, if you are about to produce an informercial, keep me on your short list! XO! I had the lead role, Peggy Pennywinner, in my 8th grade play, just sayin!

SOOOOO. THIS FAMILY!! I love them. I adore them. I always look forward to my time with them. They make the most amazing crew!  They always just say, “Kate, do your thing…” and with that trust, there is nothing better! Thank you so much.  <3

I am so proud of these images, please take a look.



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