Through small steps, big things happen.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how through small actions taken every day… over time… big things can happen. Dreams can come true, even if they feel so out of reach in the moment. I was reminded of this story yesterday and as simple as it is… I wanted to share. Years ago, when I was working two jobs… one at a non-profit during the day and waitressing at the Macaroni Grill at night. (Yes, I know how to sing happy birthday in Italian… and oh, in a fake opera voice too! It is not pretty and did NOT increase my tips!). Making ends meet, my friends. Making ends meet. <3 But among the my first world stress to pay rent, buy food and live in Denver, I felt this growing dream to travel… to travel to Africa, specifically. I have always felt drawn to Africa. But how in the world… the plane ticket alone?!?! So, I sat down and said if I can save $20 in tips everyday I work at the Macaroni Grill… in two years I will be able to go to Africa. <3 I got so excited! I could make this possible. So, I printed a calendar and taped it to the side of an actual piggy bank and each time I worked I put my $20 in that bank and put an X through that date. I convinced another friend, who ironically was also working two jobs, to do the same. And can I tell you friends… boarding that plane two years later bound for Togo, Ghana, Benin and Kenya for a three week trip. I was beyond ecstatic. BEYOND! I could hardly believe it was ME who was boarding that plane. And needless to say, I had the most incredible experience… and it only lit the fire for travels that were to come. But, I have since then taken this small steps to make big things happen approach… to many of my dreams. Including this one… to become a professional photographer. It certainly did not happen over night and again was working on this dream as my life was also filled with another job and kids…. but slowly, little by little and a lot of hard work, mistakes, fumbles and celebrations too… big things DID happen. I am doing it! And day, now 7.5 years ago, when I finally took this gig full time and continue to do it today… well, I smiled a hard, well earned, sweaty smile. You can make it happen, my friends. What is stirring your soul? Make a list of what IS possible to do today and start there. Commit to it. The reward is great.

This family! I have known them for years, but my lucky stars aligned this year and I got to photograph them. YAY! So fun. They beam with love for each other and it was such an honor to jump into their world and capture the fun. They adore each other and I adore them… check it out. <3

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