Sick day

I am typing right now with my daughter, under my desk, reading her book at my feet. It has been a tough few weeks. She is home sick again today with a 103 temp. Actually, we all have taken our turn at being sick this past month…and ironically they all seem to be different viruses. UGH.┬áBut, man, your heart sure aches when their temperature sores. And sometimes there is no one they want more than Mom. I know this is a gift and have slowed down as much as I can to just be with them. My husband and I spoke last night about how their will be days ahead when they need us less and less… so to really try not to get to anxious about all that needs to get done and just be with them.

So, I know there is so much more to do, but for now – just keeping up with my sessions and taking care of my family. We will be on the mend soon and I will have much to share. Excited for the spring full of fun with all of you!

This family. They are top notch. A morning of games, snuggles and dance parties. Such a fun job I have!  Please take time to check out their smiles. <3

Now, time to be a momma. XO! More soon.


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