If you own “Stand up Jeans”… well, please stand up.

So, if you know me, you know my standard uniform is jeans. With a camera or without a camera I am most always wearing jeans. So, I go through them like nobody’s business (photography sessions just beat them up something crazy!). And being 5’11 there aren’t too many places to buy jeans, and I hate shopping… so years ago when I was sold a pair of jeans from THE BUCKLE, I have stuck with them. Not being a shopper, I called there today and asked if they could send me the exact same pair I just tore, yet another, hole in the knee and yesterday’s session. I thought this would be easy shopping, quick transaction. Nope. I called and asked, they took the SKU …long pause… “OHHHHHH These are TWO years old!??!” As if I was truly asking for some 1990 Girbaud jeans. (If you know what I am talking about you are old like me! HA) I was truly confused. “Don’t you just keep making the jeans?” – “Oh, no, you see… these are TWO years old!” “Yea, I get that. So you don’t make them”. “Oh, no – not ones from 2015!?!” I couldn’t comprehend, laughing to myself and hearing this blog post write itself before my eyes… and finally settled on a pair she thought would fit similar… and then suddenly had PTSD from another time I was in their store earlier this year… and wanted to share because it still makes me laugh and hopefully you will too.

Earlier this year… when I went into the Buckle to buy some jeans and tried on a pair and the very helpful and sweet 21-year old helping me saw the low rise pair she had encouraged me to try and said “They look great!” I proceeded to tell her that the low-rise is not what I am looking for. That if I sit you can see… well, more than anyone wants to see. Then she replied. “No, no they look great. They can just be your “STAND UP jeans”. “My what??!?” “Your stand up jeans. You know when you go out (I don’t think she was referring to Saturday grocery runs or to a 4 year old birthday party) and don’t do much sitting, just standing?” I could not help but laugh literally out loud and just politely say, “Yea, I don’t need a pair of stand up jeans (!!) can you show me to your HIGH rise jeans.” 😀 Then I sat down in the changing room, kept smiling and smiling… and realized… the day has come…

I am old. I still laugh. And OH…if you have a pair of stand up jeans… please do get in touch. I would love to know that I know someone who is that hip and impractical. <3 HA!

ps: I still love the jeans at the BUCKLE, but wondering when I will truly “age out” … then where will I go?!?! 😀 Anyway… you know, I just like to share silly stories with you all. So there you go. 😀 Onto the good stuff…

This family. I love them. They are adventurous and their boys bring awesome, non-stop action. Such a fun crew to photograph with love for each other that could wrap the earth a few hundred times … <3 Adore them. Please check out their smiles.

XO! Kate


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