I work alone. :D

I work alone. Ha, I don’t know why but when I typed that it made me feel like a spy living in a foreign land. Anyway, truth is… I do work alone. I own my own business and as it goes… I am the photographer, the tech dept, finance department, customer relations… and most days, I love that and rock and roll at it. But, when I started this gig years and years ago and didn’t know how important it would be to build my community of other photographers who “get it”… get the ups and downs… know when to say “Man, that sucks” or “Are you kidding me?! AWESOME!” … and I have been sooooo lucky to have my crew of folks and I am so incredibly grateful. The woman in this photos is one of those people in my life…where the competition is non existent but the cheerleading section is filled with encouragement. So fun to “grow up” with her in this crazy photog world… and yet I am more grateful than I could have ever imagined. <3 We are in it together! So maybe I don’t work alone after all.

… and her family… well, adore them.  So fun to capture this time in her life… right before another little boy hit the scene. <3


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