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I work alone. :D

I work alone. Ha, I don’t know why but when I typed that it made me feel like a spy living in a foreign land. Anyway, truth is… I do work alone. I own my own business and as it goes… I am the photographer, the tech dept, finance department, customer relations… and most days, […]

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All hands on deck.

I was talking last night to a friend about how much I love to do newborn sessions with first time parents. I love how there are always four hands on deck. Whether diaper changes, swaddling, feeding. You name it. I love the teamwork, the looks of “do YOU know?” Just figuring it out together. I always […]

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Waiting for her.

The anticipation. The waiting… for the magical moment when you meet your child face to face. Nothing like it. I gotta say though – that your body, during pregnancy, is truly amazing. I mean, no really … remarkable… it is growing a human! And it just does it… everyday a bit more – oh, just […]

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