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My family… <3

So, guys… this is my brother. (the big tall guy! HA!) His name is Michael and truth is we didn’t alwaaaaaays get along. There is a story about three year old me waiting until he fell asleep for a nap and shaking his crib and yelling “I hate you!” WHAT?!? As a mother now, I often […]

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All the feels…

Hi friends! Well I am feeling all gushy, mushy, this morning. Like a big lump of emotion. Ya see, my brother is going to be a first time Dad soon and I just got off the phone with him. Gah! Guys, my little brother (!!!) The little boy who I remember laying on his belly […]

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Adulting in seasons.

Since I started “adulting” now and then… AKA: cleaning my house, getting a job, getting married, kids, etc. I have begun thinking about life in “seasons”. It has been the best way for me to realize and soak in the good and cope with the hard of each season. Cuz, all seasons have both there […]

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