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Check and Mark!

So much goodness and change happens in that first year of life. It is actually pretty mind-blowing! The check list is long – just so much to accomplish! But, it all just happens. Mind-blowing! So here we are with this sweet girl…Birthday- check! Newborn days – Check! Laughs – check! Hold your head- check! Sit […]

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Shy, but warms up quickly. <3

When I started out as a photographer, I was advised by several photographers to always have my camera in my bag when I entered someone’s home. They said it was too much, too “intimidating”, if you will…and that I should take a moment and just be a person for a few minutes and not only […]

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Knock! Knock! Anybody home?

In-home sessions. I love them. I think it is the mix of a fresh, new location that gets my creative juices flowing and my brain exploding with ideas, but also knowing that I am capturing your family at… well, home. Home…where all the memories are being made day to day. Where the backdrop to every […]

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