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My family… <3

So, guys… this is my brother. (the big tall guy! HA!) His name is Michael and truth is we didn’t alwaaaaaays get along. There is a story about three year old me waiting until he fell asleep for a nap and shaking his crib and yelling “I hate you!” WHAT?!? As a mother now, I often […]

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If you own “Stand up Jeans”… well, please stand up.

So, if you know me, you know my standard uniform is jeans. With a camera or without a camera I am most always wearing jeans. So, I go through them like nobody’s business (photography sessions just beat them up something crazy!). And being 5’11 there aren’t too many places to buy jeans, and I hate […]

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Sick day

I am typing right now with my daughter, under my desk, reading her book at my feet. It has been a tough few weeks. She is home sick again today with a 103 temp. Actually, we all have taken our turn at being sick this past month…and ironically they all seem to be different viruses. […]

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