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Laugh till you cry. <3

My heart is all sorts of full. <3 I just returned from Thailand one week ago and even though I am just now beginning to feel human again (Whoa, jet lag – I bow to you.) I have found myself drifting back to adventures we had and giggle-smiling. The 10 days of fun were with […]

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Live your way into the answers. <3

I feel like my heart is swirling in a windstorm right now. So many unanswered questions from all ends of my life…about work, about my family, about our world… about well…just life in general.  It is not a destructive windstorm, nor are the questions I am feeling – earth shattering… just a feeling that I am […]

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The Jitters.

I recently was asked if I ever get nervous before a session… and hand’s down, without hesitation, I blurted out a “YES! YES, of course! After all these years… YES!” It used to bug me, that I would let the pre-game jitters eat at me as I waited for my clients to arrive. I would think, […]

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Kimberly BurlesonDecember 19, 2016 - 3:48 am

Awwww, so cute! Looks like a fun family!