Through small steps, big things happen.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how through small actions taken every day… over time… big things can happen. Dreams can come true, even if they feel so out of reach in the moment. I was reminded of this story yesterday and as simple as it is… I wanted to share. Years ago, when I was working two jobs… one at a non-profit during the day and waitressing at the Macaroni Grill at night. (Yes, I know how to sing happy birthday in Italian… and oh, in a fake opera voice too! It is not pretty and did NOT increase my tips!). Making ends meet, my friends. Making ends meet. <3 But among the my first world stress to pay rent, buy food and live in Denver, I felt this growing dream to travel… to travel to Africa, specifically. I have always felt drawn to Africa. But how in the world… the plane ticket alone?!?! So, I sat down and said if I can save $20 in tips everyday I work at the Macaroni Grill… in two years I will be able to go to Africa. <3 I got so excited! I could make this possible. So, I printed a calendar and taped it to the side of an actual piggy bank and each time I worked I put my $20 in that bank and put an X through that date. I convinced another friend, who ironically was also working two jobs, to do the same. And can I tell you friends… boarding that plane two years later bound for Togo, Ghana, Benin and Kenya for a three week trip. I was beyond ecstatic. BEYOND! I could hardly believe it was ME who was boarding that plane. And needless to say, I had the most incredible experience… and it only lit the fire for travels that were to come. But, I have since then taken this small steps to make big things happen approach… to many of my dreams. Including this one… to become a professional photographer. It certainly did not happen over night and again was working on this dream as my life was also filled with another job and kids…. but slowly, little by little and a lot of hard work, mistakes, fumbles and celebrations too… big things DID happen. I am doing it! And day, now 7.5 years ago, when I finally took this gig full time and continue to do it today… well, I smiled a hard, well earned, sweaty smile. You can make it happen, my friends. What is stirring your soul? Make a list of what IS possible to do today and start there. Commit to it. The reward is great.

This family! I have known them for years, but my lucky stars aligned this year and I got to photograph them. YAY! So fun. They beam with love for each other and it was such an honor to jump into their world and capture the fun. They adore each other and I adore them… check it out. <3

Infomercials, Bon Jovi and … the big opportunity!

A bucket list truth. I have always wanted to be the frustrated, overwhelmed, exasperated actor in an infomercial. (Just putting it out there universe! :D) You know, the person that sighs deeply with their hair all disheveled, but then a product (for just two payments of $19.99 plus S&H) will come to the rescue and all my problems in life are solved?!? Yea, I want to do that. 😀 I tell you this for no other reason than… ya just don’t know what opportunities will arise, eight?! Gotta put it out there! HA! So, I have another bucket list item… and it is to be a backup singer. You might be thinking, “Wow, I didn’t know Kate had a singing voice?” My friends, that has nothing to do with it…and if you are wondering I have never been told I have a good voice, except by my mom – of course. 😀  But, it sits on my bucket list none the less. So, ideally I would sing back up for someone I grew up loving like Bon Jovi. BUT (!!!!) I was just told that Bon Jovi is having some voice issues, so I just can’t say where this opportunity is going – I mean I am not sure it will happen anytime soon! Due to Bon Jovi’s voice issues of course! HA!

BUT!!! Then, I was sitting at church one day and quietly listening when…WHAT IS THAT? Knock Knock Knock… door of opportunity?!?! They ask for choir volunteers! Bon Jovi to the back burner. Choir= a form of back up singing, right? I mean sorta… well, I decide it works! So, I inquire. There is no try out. WHEW! More of a “need warm bodies” approach… I AM IN!

Friends, remember when I talked about doing more things that scare you… well, check and mark! This may not be pretty, but I will be singing! <3  My first performance, this Sunday… Easter morning! WHAT? Tackle that bucket list… big or small friends. Get after it! Makes life fun!

… and yes, if you are about to produce an informercial, keep me on your short list! XO! I had the lead role, Peggy Pennywinner, in my 8th grade play, just sayin!

SOOOOO. THIS FAMILY!! I love them. I adore them. I always look forward to my time with them. They make the most amazing crew!  They always just say, “Kate, do your thing…” and with that trust, there is nothing better! Thank you so much.  <3

I am so proud of these images, please take a look.



Do something that scares you!

I love being inspired by my families. They welcome me into their family tribes and man… I mean, is there any greater honor? And over time, I feel like an associate member when I am with them. I love that. This is one of those families. <3 They make me feel right at home and are the perfect balance of “let’s be real”, “let’s dream”, “let’s be serious” and “let’s laugh and play”. I love that. They inspire to be keep that balance in check…  AND then this year, if I didn’t already love them enough… the amazing woman and co-captain of this crew, decided to do 40 things that scare her as she approached a milestone birthday. I mean, how much do I love that?!?! INSPIRED! Watching her, it has pushed me to look and do more that scares me… and you know what? It makes you feel alive!! It reminds me that this season of life does NOT need to feel like I am caught in a hamster wheel, as it sometimes does… but to make room for the NEW! Big or small… that doesn’t really matter. She probably doesn’t even know how much she inspired me, but that is what naturally inspiring people are all about… they just do their thing and leave inspiring nuggets for us to pick up! Gotta be on the lookout, but man I find these nuggets everywhere my families roam. I love it.

So darn grateful!

And ps – that whole, do something that scares you challenge… you should try it too. I am just sayin’

Now check out their smiles… and love! <3 It was winnnnnndddddy the morning of this session, but we just hunkered down and had fun anyway! Take that (!) you crazy, unpredictable wind gusts! We win! 😀

XO Kate